Gym Bunny & Fashion Killa’ – Can A Girl Really Be Both?

In the ‘Instagram World’ it seems like all the successful women can only be good at one thing. She’s either on it with every single #OOTD or she’s the girl who hits the gym everyday and promotes protein shakes.

I totally get why this is. How many times have you wanted to go to work in your new heels or wanted to do your makeup really nice that day without subconsciously thinking… ‘well that means i can’t go to the gym because i’ll have to pack a bag with trainers in and all my makeup remover and i don’t have time’

I’ve tried to be both girls. Planning my #ButFirstCoffee outfit to wear with my on-fleek brows, shoe porn heels, and also remembering to pack a ‘Girls that lift’ bag to carry alongside my ‘Boss Chick’ laptop bag is seriously stressful. Too stressful to maintain.

So, what usually happens is the days you want to look ‘Slay’ you end up compromising the gym and the days you want to hit up the gym you end up looking like a slob. I knew I’d fallen into this trap when my work colleages would say ‘You off out tonight Hol?’ when I wore a pair of jeans and when a taxi driver once asked if i was a Zumba teacher… I had no in-between style.

I love Fashion and Gyming so much that I still wanted to be both… Then I made a new best friend who i spent every minute of my day with and she showed me how to do it.

Her name is DISCIPLINE and these are her top tips for being a fashion killing, gym bunny slayer…

  1. Think of the gym like an appointment. If you book to get your hair done or go to the doctors you always show up, right? Well doesn’t your fitness deserve the same respect? So start taking it seriously, schedule it and show up.
  2. SHOP!: I’m giving you an excuse to spend here… Think about what makes gyming difficult in your life? Mine was the fact that all my gym clothes were getting muddled into my normal clothes and after 15 minutes trying to find my black leggings amongst my mainly black wardrobe I thought ‘bollocks to this’ I’m not going. So I got a Storage Ottoman Bench… I put this in the hallway and use it solely for my gym bag, toiletries, gym clothes, trainers and gym equipment. It’s like my pick ‘n’ mix gym box and has saved me so much time. I also bought a separate toiletry bag and duplicates of my shower gels and moisturizers so I never have to pack that, its already there. If you don’t want to buy one of these then you could find a cupboard to dedicate to your gym stuff only.
  3.  Embrace Sports Luxe: I used to carry my designer bag and my gym bag on my gym days and it was really annoying. I was only doing this for fashion purposes as the designer one was virtually empty. The solution to this is to invest in a sick gym bag. They don’t even need to be expensive. I bought my Steve Madden quilted gym bag from TK Maxx for like £34.99 and i’ve had more compliments on that than my designer bag. ‘Sports Luxe’ is a thing, so use your gym bag as a statement piece rather than a scruffy bag you ‘need’ to carry about and you’ll never use ‘I can’t because i’ll have to bring my gym bag’ as an excuse again.

    Gym Bag: Steve Madden
  4. Plan ahead: Remember in the previous post I spoke about getting your fashion formula? Well it applies here too, if you plan on going somewhere after the gym then think of easy ways to turn your day outfit into an evening outfit, maybe a pair of heels and a dressy jacket that you can add to your jeans and vest? or a little dress to go with your leather jacket and boots? Tweaking your outfit rather than packing a full new outfit will make your gym bag less overwhelming thus enticing you to stick to your gym plan rather than not going at all.
  5. The hair wash saga: ‘But I washed my hair this morning’ This whole subject really annoys me and it’s probably the most used gym dodging excuse in the world. Somebody has taken an old wives tale to extremes here and used it as an excuse to be lazy. Nobody has ever died from washing their hair twice a day. You shower everyday which also rinses the oil from your skin but you continue to shower because you know if you don’t you will start to smell. You’ll put harsh chemicals, hot tongs and straighteners on your hair but god forbid washing it again?! It’s crazy girls! Just wash it and go to the gym, if you use a good conditioner along with regular trims you will not have any issues. Also… Dry Shampoo? Problem solved.
  6. Do your washing: This may seem a bit random but if you keep on top of your washing then you are always prepared for the gym. I’m sure you’ve used ‘but all my leggings are in the wash’ as an excuse not to go many a time. Making sure you have clean workout clothes will be a big help and make sure to pack clean socks and underwear in your gym bag.
  7. Get colourful! I’ll tell you one thing I love about the gym… Colour! Usually i’m an all black girl but with my gym clothes I love to be girly and wear pinks, oranges and blues, something about wearing bright colours just puts me in a really good mood. It’s the only time I feel like colour looks cool. So treat yourself to a few new pieces and make yourself excited to wear your gym stuff. If you can’t get away from the black then why not get a colourful sports bra that peeks out slightly… this is how i started.

Basically guys, being organized is the main thing. When you’re organized life is just easier and you save yourself so much time and stress. Once you get these tips under your belt you’ll be slaying 24/7 and have everyone wondering ‘How does she do it?’

Keep Slaying,




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